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Curriculum and Instruction

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

Seneca Falls Central School District has a long history of academic excellence.  Our goal is to educate the whole child, equipping them with skills and knowledge to be college and career ready. Seneca Falls CSD students are immersed in a learning environment that aims to prepare each child to succeed at a high level following High School completion in the pathway of their choice.  Students are prepared to be active, positive contributors to the community while acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to be global competitors.

A rigorous, standards-based curriculum is the foundation of our educational structure. Common, performance, and authentic assessments drive our curricular decisions. Instruction is targeted and framed around a student growth mindset. Instruction is student driven and data informed.  Students are supported academically, socially, and emotionally through multi-tiered systems of support throughout K-12.

Providing authentic learning experiences for our students is a point of pride for Seneca Falls CSD. Tapping into our community resources allows for career based learning to occur, internship opportunities, community based project partnerships, as well as embedding 21st century skills into learning across content areas.

Professional development is ongoing in Seneca Falls. Providing opportunities for staff to share best and new practices, current strategies and pedagogy, develop and/or maintain the philosophy of being lifelong learners is valued in our district. Continuing to transform teaching and learning to provide relevant educational experiences for our students requires the  “All Hands On Deck” approach that Seneca Falls CSD is proud to embrace.


Jodie Verkey
Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Jodie Verkey
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
(315) 568-5500 ext. 2307